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ISS Technology Co., Ltd.

ISS is an international joint-venture technology company that founded a group of experienced industry veterans. ISS specializes in self-service solutions which can effectively improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. The applications include airline self-check-in, retail self-checkout, F&B self-ordering, hospital self-registering, smart parking, intelligent lockers…, etc. ISS offers a total service solution that consists of hardware, a front-end application program, backend kiosk management software, and integration to clients’ existing information systems. The company has an experienced team of professionals and service branches in all major cities in Vietnam.

Benefits of Working with ISS


With our expertise, we can always assist you get project done on time.


We have more than 15 years' experience. Our kiosk solutions are proven to be effective and reliable.


We offer you precise proposal that can meet your budget.

Why ISS Solutions?

Experienced Team

We have successfully fulfilled over 200 projects worldwide

In-house Manufacturing

We 100% control production quality and schedule

Full Local Support

We provide timely support and service in Vietnam
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