Embedded Systems and Mainboards

Embedded Systems and Mainboards

A wide assortment of high-performance and reliable industrial motherboards and embedded systems from Taiwan.


Technology 1. Intel®, AMD, etc. Key vendor direct support

2. Latest technical and over fifteen years of development experience

3. Large coverage rate of design verification

Flexibility 1. Huge off-the-shelf products combination and rich ODM/OEM experience

2. Multiple manufacturing sites for different high-mix, low-volume requirements

3. Task-force team with multiple functions to align customer’s requirement

Quality 1. Component IPC, audit and approval system

2. Follow international product design and manufacturing quality system

3. Emphasizing the closed-loop of the PDCA cycle for continuous improvement

Service 1. Worldwide RMA service coverage- more than 80 service centers globally
Capability 1. Customization capability

2. Direct field application engineer support and quick response

3. Customized manufacturing process, quality control, and delivery solutions

Embedded Systems and Mainboards


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Embedded Systems and Mainboards


GIGAIPC is a professional designer and manufacturer of industrial motherboards and embedded systems in Taiwan. She is a member of GIGABYTE Group, one of the top IT hardware manufacturers in the world. With strong support from her mother company, GIGAIPC products are advanced and reliable.

Embedded Systems and Mainboards
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