F&B Self-Ordering

FnB Self-Ordering Kiosk

Kiosks are operated by end customers. Quality and reliability are crucial. A good kiosk delivers a good user experience and establishes a good brand image.  We built our kiosks very seriously. Only high-quality components are used. The stability and the performance are guaranteed.


All components inside are well arranged for performance and reliability.
All cables are customized with the most suitable length.
Premium parts and components are used,
such as AUO LED panel and touch screen
 Strong stainless steel hinge
All cables are labelled for easy maintenance.
 Reinforced structure to ensure robustness.
Brackets can be customized to house
your selected payment devices.
F&B Self-Ordering


F&B Self-Ordering


With an experienced product design team, in-house manufacturing facilities, and a local support team, we ensure the success of your projects by providing you the best kiosk solutions in Vietnam in time and within your budget.

F&B Self-Ordering
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